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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Artistic Endeavor

So. I want to do a sort of experiment. Perhaps a little scientific, but very artsy.

I want to see what the real difference is between all the mediums I use. I mean, how I use them differently. So, the only way to really see, I think, is to draw/pain the same picture in different mediums. So I will do it seven times:

(In no particular order)
1. Graphite Pencil (Black and White)
2. Acrylic Paint (Color)
3. Oil Paint (Color)
4. Colored Pencil (Color)
5. Pen & Ink (B&W
6. Watercolor Paint (Color)
7. Soft Pastel (B&W

Each medium poses its own challenges and possibilities. I want to see what the real difference is if I use pencil as opposed to oils, pen and ink or pastels.

So, perhaps the most important decision of the whole endeavor: what picture?

A portrait of a person, I decided rather quickly. Not just any person; if I want to advertise commissioned portraits, it would be best to do someone rather well known, a face I like. Beyond that, the picture has to be interesting and inspiring enough for me to WANT to paint/draw it 7 times! So I chose this:

Audrey Hepburn. One of the most classy and fashionable women of all time. Also she has a very nice and beautiful face. One challenge this will pose is the fact that it is a black and white photo. I would have chosen a color photo, but none of them moved me quite the way this one did.

I love contrast. I have to paint contrast. I love sharp blacks and pure whites. I love deep red put next to soft yellow. I love baby blue mingled with royal purple. I love dark shadows and bright highlights.

This picture is very unique and intriguing to me; diagonally split between very black and very white, with a woman's face tying them together. I think it will hold my attention long enough for 7 artworks portraying it.

And so I begin. First up: Graphite Pencil. (Be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts about my journey with that!)

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