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Monday, August 22, 2011

In Which I Admit My (in)Sanity

I need incentive.

That chocolate sundae after a steady diet. A hot bubble bath after a long day of yard work. Vegging on the couch after office work all day.

I really dislike cleaning my room. Well, I dislike cleaning in general, but my room absolutely most of all. All this stuff that I have absolutely no room for. (10'x15' of entirely occupied space, yes.)

So, in order to actually finish cleaning after I committed to start (procrastination - another whole blog post...), I needed to give myself some incentive. So I decided if I cleaned my entire room, I would be allowed to put up my Christmas tree.

I found out several things while cleaning. 1: I really need somewhere to keep all my cloth OTHER than my 3'x5' closet. 2: I have a lot of heels. 7 pair! I'm not just a shoe hog, I only have 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 pair of flipflops. :-P The heels are all their own category... 3:  Super loud music playing through a booming sub-woofer is incentive all on its own. 4: If you tell people you are putting your Christmas tree up in August, they will think you are crazy, and possibly laugh in your face.

I like to tell myself that putting my tree up early really is incentive and worth all the work it took to clean my room. overlooking the fact that I planned to put it up in a couple weeks anyway.

I love Christmas! Even if it turns me into a crazy person who listens to Jingle Bell Rock in June and puts up the tree in August. It's never too early for some Glitter Words

No really. It never is.

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  1. Do we know each other? Mwhahhahahahhaha!

    Christmas music plays in our house all year. Also, since we just bought an ooooold Victorian mansion, we will have so much fun decorating it. Let's see....4 - 5 christmas trees. Candles in every window.